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Published: 27th June 2009
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So ultimately you have taken a decision of growing grapes and now you are looking for grape vines for sale? Good, excellent idea. It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but you should get everything perfect. However, applying the right buying techniques does not mean that the grape vines you want will be available and ready for sale.

Growing high quality grapes is highly dependent on the quality of vines you use at the very onset. You will be at a disadvantage if you don't have a clear idea of the quality of vines. Though local nurseries sell grape vines, you need to have some primary knowledge of the kind of grapes you want to grow. You may have an idea of what to buy, but how to identify what exactly to buy?

There are some varieties of vines that are grown from seeds. However, it is always recommended to plant a developing cutting as it already has a root system. If you plant that, it will take much less time for the plant to grow as compared to growing it from seeds. Usually grape vines for sale are available in two types- planting bag cutting and open grafted cutting.

Open cutting grape vines for sale:

In an open cutting vine there should be proper healing of the graft union. Now the question arises, how do you know if it has healed enough? If there is no opening between the rootstock and carrier, it indicates that the area has healed enough. If the graft union has not healed enough, there are chances of breakage. Moreover openings may also be instrumental in collection of moisture and as such it may lead the cutting to rot.

A good test for checking a strong union would be to bend the graft vine slightly. If it breaks easily, it means it is a weak union. However, care should be taken not to apply too much force as it would break away. Be respectful at the grape nursery when buying grape vines. Don't think it is your right to damage their grape vines for sale by checking and bending every grape vine graft.

The next thing to check is the root. Ensure that they are not damaged and are well grown. Moreover the graft union should not have any extra roots. You need to check this because if there are extra roots you will have to remove them before planting as extra roots make vines vulnerable to diseases.

Next check the bark, if it is black in color, discard it. Black bark means the likelihood of fungus spores. You need to buy healthy plants, brown in color. You should prefer graft vines that have more than a cane. In case there is a single cane, then make sure that it is a minimum of 8 inches long.

Grape vines for sale in planting bag:

If you think of buying vines in planting bags, then it becomes that much more difficult for you to have a look at the root system. So make sure that the canes are well grown as compared to the preceding year. Moreover, make sure that the surrounding soil of the root ball is intact. If that is not the case the chances of the grape vine roots being damaged is high.

If you don't have the time to look after the proper growth of the cutting, then don't go for young fruit cuttings. There are vineyard nurseries who sell grape plants which are a couple of years old. This results in you waiting for just about a year to have your fruit.

Mostly grape vines for sale are sold by experienced people who can help you in choosing good vines. Don't shy away from asking people and learning more. Get all the information you can before buying that perfect vine.

Victor Williams is a grape growing enthusiast. To find grape vines for sale please visit

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